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Arci Muñoz walks the runway at New York Fashion Week

By Maine Aquino (GMA Entertainment)
Published On: February 20, 2022, 11:40 AM

Arci Muñoz shares a new milestone in her career!

Arci Muñoz walked the runway and performed in the New York Fashion Week. In her Instagram post, Arci proudly revealed that she walked the runway for trendy fitness brand, Keppi.

Photo source: @ramonathornes

She captioned her runway photo, "Maaaa! @mommychooky look! [Your] daughter rocking ze New York fashion week runway!"

Aside from walking for Keppi, she also performed "Sweet Child O' Mine" according to the Instagram post of Uplive Philippines.

They wrote, "Another Filipina marked a name on international Fashion week...We got a 'rockstar' on the runway! @ramonathornes wowed everyone with her lively performance. She sang sweet child of mine, and at the same time, she gave us a graceful walk to show us the Uplive x Hekka collaboration."

Arci was spotted recently in an event with other Filipino celebrities like Ruby Rodriguez, Donita Rose, and more in the U.S.

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