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Award winning singer and songwriter, Celestine Liu joins Keppi as Ambassador

Celestine Liu is a well-known composer and singer of original music who is active in the American music industry. She is skilled in numerous vocal genres, including pop, jazz, Bel Canto, and Chinese folk singing. She is the singer of the interlude Just Do It (Chinese version) in the animated film The Gools, and the composer and singer of the competition's theme song We Are World Madams.

Celestine has received numerous national and international vocal competition honors and has been invited multiple times by the Consulate General of the People's Republic of China in Houston and Los Angeles to perform as a solo guest at numerous major events, such as festival galas and flag raising ceremonies. She has participated in multiple large-scale performances in the United States. Recently, on behalf of Keppi Fitness, she performed her original songs during Miami Swim Week, a famous fashion event in the United States, and gained widespread media coverage. At NBC's Global Children's Launch Party, she also sang alongside two notable singers,Thyago and Symon Dice.

Celestine has thus far released two original albums and several singles in the United States. Her two original albums, Liunique and Precious, each have eight songs that span many genres and singing techniques, including pop, jazz, bel canto, dance, electric, and rap. Her two albums have received over 110,000 streams on Spotify in a single year. Her CDs have been covered in English, Portuguese, and Spanish by popular music websites including Tinnitist, PopFad Blog, Rising Artists, Rock N Bold, and Indiemov.

In 2022, Celestine won the United States title and placed second globally in the prestigious World Madam competition. She garnered great notice from China and American mainstream media. World Journal, Yahoo, Sohu, Sina, NetEase, Tencent, Zhihu, and other media outlets have published interviews with her regarding the composition of the We Are World Madams theme song.

Celestine is also enthusiastic about public welfare. She has performed several vocal solos at charity performances, helping to raise funds and spreading compassion to those in need. She recently acted as the music director for the 12th World Autism Awareness Day Charity Concert, for which she composed the theme song You Are My Pride. Her contribution has been recognized by the U.S. congresswoman Judy Chu.

As a professional singer, Celestine is frequently invited to judge singing competitions. She served as a judge at the "Culture China - Water Cube Cup" Global Chinese Song Competition in Los Angeles. She also served as a vocal judge for the 5th American Heritage Cup International Music Competition and performed "Beautiful Home" at the 5th American Heritage Cup International Arts Festival as a representative of the judges. She strives to make her own contribution to the global promotion of Chinese music.

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