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New age fashion, or how streaming NYFW live is the new front row appearance

By Mehmet Hasip In Fashion on February 11, 2022 (Style Vanity)

On Feb 15th, an emerging fashion brand Hekka Fashion partners with livestreaming APP UPLIVE to showcase its latest collection inspired by the world’s post-pandemic reopening to travel and newfound passion for exploring the world, featuring active wear, flowy cocktail dresses, leisure, and vacation styles, all celebrating comfort, elegance, and timeless femininity. From the collection, the new activewear line cross over with Keppi, an emerging fitness brand, attracts lots of attention with its bold color, street style cut mixing with comfortable fit.

Hekka fashion is only months old. As a new brand, it utilizes the advantages of live streaming to differentiate it from other fashion brands. We have heard that the brand will announce more in-depth collaboration with UPLIVE in the future.

Instead of traditional runway show, the UPLIVE X HEKKA show incorporate performances by the influencers from UPLIVE streaming platform. Also, we talked to Naomi, who is an influencer from UPLIVE, about her streaming during the show day. “I am so excited to have this opportunity to stream the show to my UPLIVE fans, and even interviewed Maye Musk through the streaming. This experience is so unique and I really appreciate UPLIVE to provide limitless opportunities to all talents on the platform.” Naomi commented.

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