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Talents from Streaming Platform UPLIVE Performs in NYFW

By Dave Morgan (The Manhattan Herald)

The most energetic show in NYFW 2022 must be the Uplive x Hekka Fashion NYFW 2022 RUNWAY SHOW. With live musical performances, dance and entertainment acts, the show created a lively and fun experience for both the audiences at home and at the event.

The show is started with the live performance of Arci Muñoz, who is an emerging Filipino singer. What is more interested is that the dance show in the middle of the runway was performed by 5 young talents who are influencers streamed on UPLIVE for years. We have heard from their lead that she has been streaming on UPLIVE almost 2 years. Uplive provides her numerous opportunities to perform in different big events, and the collaboration opportunities with celebrities. Also, unless Instagram that she needs to get sponsorship from business to post advertisement to get income, she can get tips from her audience by performing and showcasing her dancing skills. She states: “I really appreciate the opportunities UPLIVE provides to me, which opens a new door for the artists.”

One of the celebrity guests, Maye Musk, the mother of Elon Musk, seems impressed by the dance performance as well. We all know she stands for diversity and inclusion. Always encourages the society to provide more supports to the emerging artists.

Also, the ready-to-wear runway showcase, followed by an awards ceremony and an immersive entertainment programme, were all streamed live on the global live streaming platform Uplive. The popular social app allows users to live broadcast their content live and be rewarded by supporters.

Per CEO of UPLIVE US, Christine Xu, there will be more events UPLIVE will hold in the future to empower talents and provide them the opportunities in the future. Let’s see what will come.

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